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  • How big is the Kosy Booth Uno ?
    Our soundproof cabin is 110 cm wide, 110 cm deep and 230 cm high. In other words, you benefit from 1 m2 of floor space inside the cabin, for a total occupancy of 1.21 m2.
  • Why install a soundproof booth in my office ?
    The main reason is to reduce noise disturbance, but there are many other reasons for purchasing a soundproof cabin. We've listed them for you in this blog post.
  • How much does the booth weigh ?
    The booth weighs between 220kg & 280kg when assembled, depending on the options.
  • Where is the booth manufactured ?
    All our cabins are designed and manufactured in Belgium, more specifically in Fernelmont.
  • Is the booth ventilated ?
    Yes, an integrated ventilation system has been designed to efficiently renew the air inside the cab. The air is filtered and completely renewed every 3 minutes.
  • Do I need a power socket ?
    The booth needs to be connected to a power outlet in order to operate its various devices: lighting, power outlets and ventilation.
  • What is the noise reduction inside the booth ?
    Noise reduction inside the cabin allows you to carry on confidential conversations in complete peace of mind (ISO norms available soon).
  • Can I assemble the Kosy Booth Uno myself ?
    It takes 2 people to assemble the cab correctly, but no special experience is required. However, we prefer to leave that to our assembly team.
  • What is the usual delivery time ?
    As soon as an order is placed, we launch production in our factory, where the booth is produced and delivered to you within 6 weeks.
  • Do you offer international delivery ?
    We deliver to the following countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.
  • Does the booth come with a warranty ?
    We offer a 2-year warranty on our product. This warranty covers all repair costs and replacement parts when the problem is due to a manufacturing defect !
  • Where can I see and test the Kosy Booth Uno ?
    Our showrooms are constantly changing. The easiest way is to contact us directly to arrange a visit with one of our team members.
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