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Reinventing your workspace together

Soundproof booth solutions for office spaces

Meet Kosy Booth

Made in Belgium, insulated and easy to install, the Kosy Booth Uno has all the features you need to make your office spaces more enjoyable and your employees more productive.

Cabine insonorisées
Don't let lack of space or budget stop you from developing your workspace.

Space required to install our Kosy Booth Uno: 1.21 m².

Our soundproof cabins and modular meeting rooms enable your teams to shape and reshape their working environment with ease.


Our soundproof cabins give you total flexibility, adapting easily to your workspace.


From acoustic insulation to the quality of materials, the entire design has been thought through to offer maximum comfort.


You can easily create several additional workspaces at low cost.


At Kosy, we firmly believe that peace of mind is the key to productivity. From the very beginning, we have therefore devoted our energies to designing a solution that truly embodies this vision.

Our aim has always been to create more than just physical spaces, offering a sustainable, flexible and cost-effective alternative to traditional office spaces. Our soundproof booths are therefore not just products, but the result of our commitment to creativity, concentration and well-being at work.

Join us in our pursuit to eliminate everyday noise and distractions, and make our soundproof booths your haven of concentration. Welcome to our world of calm, creativity and excellence. Welcome to Kosy.


Booth your productivity

Because it's possible to combine performance and well-being at work, we've designed soundproofed cabins with a streamlined design, giving you maximum flexibility in your office.

Made in Belgium

From our production sites to the selection of our materials, we make sure we always keep things local. That's why we manufacture all our products in Belgium, with Belgian craftsmen.

Designed to last

We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality products that stand the test of time. That's why we carefully select our products, to ensure optimum durability for our soundproof cabins.

Delivered to your office

We deliver directly from our production site and assemble the cabins ourselves in your offices, without any intermediaries. This enables us to offer you the best possible quality, at the lowest possible cost.

Phone booth coworking

Adopt a different approach for your office space

In today's fast-paced business world, tranquillity has become a rare but precious resource. It's in this search for peacefulness that our phone booth becomes your ally for enhanced productivity.

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