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Kosy Booth Uno

Need to make a call, attend an online meeting or simply focus ? The Kosy Booth Uno is for you.



The materials used provide excellent sound insulation, making ambient noise almost non-existent.


Power socket & USB port to keep you connected at all times.

Retractable tablets

Essential support for organizing meetings and making calls.

Kosy Booth Uno


In addition to its streamlined design, the Kosy Booth Uno is easy to install and takes up very little space.

LED lighting

Keep your mind clear and stay focused on your work.

Silent ventilation

Provides optimum comfort with a constant flow of fresh air.

The 3-in-1 Phone Booth

Why limit ourselves ?

At Kosy, modularity is our priority. That's why our Phone Booth lets you work in 3 positions : a seated position (high or low) or simply standing up. Thanks to our two retractable tablets, changing position has never been easier.

Tablette basse

Low Tablet

Ideal for longer meetings

Tablette haute

High Tablet

Ideal for calls

Tablettes rétractables

No Tablet

Ideal for relaxing

Travaillez dans notre cabine

Our added value

Modularity in the palm of your hand

At Kosy, we strongly believe in the power of modularity to create exceptional workspaces. That's why our soundproof booths are designed to be flexible and customizable. With so many possibilities, transforming your business environment into a place that reflects your vision, culture and needs has never been easier.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions

Not only do our soundproof booths considerably reduce surrounding noise, they also provide a real moment of concentration. The result: significant productivity gains for your employees.


of workers consider office noise to be the biggest distraction.


of workers find it difficult to exceed 2 hours of in-depth work per day.


of workers procrastinate between 1 and 4 hours a day.

Give your team the ideal environment to be more productive, creative and fulfilled.

What if it were easier than you thought ?

Open spaces, offices, shared spaces... the Kosy Booth Uno adapts perfectly to any environment.

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