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Why choose a soundproof booth for your office space?

Office design has evolved considerably over the last few decades. Traditional partitioned offices have given way to increasingly open workspaces. This evolution has brought many benefits, such as increased interaction and collaboration, but it has also brought its share of challenges and drawbacks, one of the most important of which is noise. Ambient noise is a major distraction and can have a direct impact on your employees' productivity. According to an IFOP study published in 2022, 51% of working people said they were affected by noise in the office. What's more, the rules in this area are quite strict, and "European and Belgian noise regulations require every company to seek to avoid or reduce workers' exposure to this risk factor" (Beswic, 2005).

Faced with this situation, many solutions have been developed to improve office acoustics. These include sound-absorbing panels and insulating walls, as well as soundproof booths. These cabins offer a private, isolated space in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the modern office, and can be a real way of optimizing your office space. In this article, we'll explore why choosing soundproof booths for your office spaces can be a wise choice, and what benefits it can bring to your business and your employees.

Cabines insonorisées Hush Office
Soundproof booths in an open space

In the era of open spaces

The concept of open office spaces, or open spaces, has gained in popularity in recent years due to its ability to foster collaboration, the exchange of ideas and create a more dynamic working environment. However, it has become clear that these open spaces also have their drawbacks, not least the constant noise generated by conversations, ringing phones, informal meetings and other activities. As mentioned earlier, this ambient noise can have a negative impact on employees' concentration, productivity and well-being.

Soundproof booths: The solution to the noise problem

Pour remédier aux problèmes liés au bruit dans les espaces de bureau ouverts, de plus en plus d'entreprises optent pour l'installation de cabines insonorisées, ou phone booths en anglais. Ces cabines sont conçues pour offrir un espace privé et calme au sein de l'environnement de travail. Voici quelques raisons pour lesquelles les cabines insonorisées sont devenues une solution populaire et efficace mais surtout pourquoi vous devriez les adopter :

Confidentiality and discretion

Femme en train de travailler dans une cabine individuelle insonorisée
Use of an individual soundproof booth

Soundproof booths provide a private space in which your employees can conduct confidential conversations, telephone calls or videoconference meetings without fear of their discussions being overheard by colleagues. This can be particularly important for companies handling sensitive or confidential information, for example.

Ambient noise reduction

One of the most obvious and sought-after advantages of soundproof cabins is their ability to reduce ambient noise. Cabins on the market generally offer noise reduction ranging from 25 to 35dB, depending on the calculation methods used. What's more, ISO23351-1:2020 certification is now available, which measures the reduction in speech levels inside the cabin itself, attesting to its effectiveness.

Improved productivity and creativity

By reducing noise distractions, soundproof booths promote productivity by allowing your employees to concentrate on their work without external distraction. Tasks requiring intense concentration, such as writing, data analysis or programming, can particularly benefit from these quiet spaces.

Soundproof booths can also be used as thinking or creative spaces for employees who need time alone to reflect or work on specific projects. These quiet spaces also encourage deep thought and creativity.


4 persons meeting booth being installed in an office space
Installation of a soundproof booth

Soundproof booths are generally modular, which means you can move and rearrange them as your business

and reorganize them as your business evolves and needs change. This gives you great flexibility in managing your office space.

Employee comfort

Offering soundproof office spaces shows employees that you care about their well-being. When we know that excessive noise can be a major source of stress for employees, offering soundproof spaces can directly contribute to reducing stress in your teams. This can improve the mental health and general well-being of your staff, and help prevent some of the more serious psychosocial disorders that can even lead to burn-out.

Well-designed, soundproof workspaces can also improve your company's image and make it more attractive to potential recruits and customers. A company that invests in a quality working environment demonstrates its commitment to excellence and employee comfort. This can improve job satisfaction and retention of your employees, who will feel valued when the company invests in their comfort and productivity.

Reduced costs

Fitting out an office space can sometimes require substantial budgets. Between building walls and integrating lighting and ventilation, the bill can quickly soar.

Soundproof booths for one or more people can be a cost-effective way of fitting out your office space, while remaining flexible and adaptable to the evolution of your business.


In conclusion, we can say that for some years now, soundproof booths have become an essential part of modern office space management. They offer a cost-effective way of reducing ambient noise, improving productivity, promoting confidentiality and employee well-being, and meeting compliance requirements in certain sectors. If your company is looking to optimize its working environment, the installation of soundproof booths is an option to be seriously considered. It's a strategic investment that can have a significant positive impact on your business and your employees.

If you'd like to discuss a redevelopment project with us, please contact us via the "Contact" tab at the top of this page. We'd be delighted to advise and support you.

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